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An Austrian guy ended up in the news after he was fined for burping at a kebab food stand in Vienna, Austria.

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Edin Mehic is a 27 year old man residing in Vienna, where he was recently fined $77 for letting out a loud burp near a kebab stand. The incident occurred earlier this February at a food stand located in the Praterstern neighborhood, which is famous for its high criminal activity. The guy ordered a kebab and after he ate it he decided to relieve his flatulence by burping near the stand. A police officer, who was present at the scene, approached Mehic and gave him a fine for $77. According to the police officer, the guy was disturbing the peace, so he had to be fined for his actions.

Mehic’s reaction to the fine was to find a lawyer and to turn to Facebook in order to tell his friends what being fined for burping feels like. The 27 year old man’s post was extremely sarcastic and he thanked the local police for doing their job and keeping up the peace, especially in such areas with high criminal activity – which means that since they have the time to fine people for burping then they’ve solved all the crime-related problems in that part of Vienna.


On the other hand, the man’s lawyer wasn’t nearly that sarcastic and bold in his statement. He said that the fine should be revoked, since his client didn’t disturb any form of peace in a public place like a kebab food stand. Instead, he claimed such a fine for public peace disturbance would have been appropriate if the guy was at a theater or at the opera. As a result of Mehic’s story tons of people gathered on the 27th of February on the streets of Praterstern burping loudly in a form of a protest.


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