Did you know that This guy was ordered to marry his girlfriend as part of his probation…


One man was ordered by a court to marry his girlfriend as part of his probation deal, otherwise he’ll be facing jail time.

Image Source: KLTV Screenshot
Image Source: KLTV Screenshot

Meet Josten Bundy – the guy, who has to choose between marrying his partner and going to jail.
The 21 year old Bundy got into a fight with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. According to the 21 year old guy, the other man was throwing some unpleasant insults towards his ex, so Bundy felt obliged to settle things the old fashioned way. He dared the other guy to a fight and before the unnamed ex made any physical threats, Bundy punched him twice in the jaw. As a result, he got arrested and had to appear before a judge.

The judge asked Bundy if his girlfriend’s honor and dignity were worth a fight and eventually gave Bundy a strange ultimatum. The 21 year old had to choose between spending 15 days in jail or staying on probation with one condition – to marry his girlfriend. His 19 year old partner stated that she was thrilled by the idea to marry Bundy and that she would like a spring wedding because of the neutral temperatures. Bundy’s father, on the other hand, wasn’t that excited about the judge’s decision. The guy’s dad spoke out about the surprising probation offer and said that he was rather angry than pleasantly moved by the whole deal.


Bundy and his 19 year old girlfriend are currently residing in Smith County, Texas, US, and apparently, the duo is about to marry for real. After all, Bundy seemed willing enough to fight for his girlfriend, so it seems only natural that he will choose to marry her over the idea to spend two weeks jailed behind bars.


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