Did you know that this guy was told he can't change his name to Superhero, but …


You can’t change your name to Superhero in Denmark. Sadly, this guy was hoping he could.

Image Source: Preisler Herbst/ Facebook
Image Source: Preisler Herbst/ Facebook

Benjamin Preisler Herbst, a 26 year old guy from Denmark, decided that his name was too boring and wanted to change it. Benjamin, who’s a toy shop owner, has filled his home with tons and tons of action figures from comic books and describes it as a “doll’s house”. In order to have a moniker fitting his collection and extraordinary home décor, he decided to change his name to Superhero. However, the Danish government decided that Superhero wasn’t an appropriate name, though strangely enough, the country has approved other odd names such as Gandalf, Legolas, Balcony and even Ninja. Unfortunately, officials determined that Benjamin’s request was a non-Christian name and that Benjamin doesn’t deserve to be named after a fictional character with superhuman powers. The 26 year old man, who waited for the government’s decision for 4 months, was crushed by the ruling.
According to his Benjamin, the only people who don’t like superheroes are the “super villains”. He also stated that he thought it would have been funny to go to the bank and say “Superhero” whenever he’s asked his name.


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