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Watch an eerie video of a haunted puppet, which has allegedly tried to strange its owner in his sleep, as it tries to break free from its glass container.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Jayne Harris, a British paranormal investigator, was given a puppet doll by a man, who claimed the puppet was haunted. He thought the doll had tried to strange him while he was sleeping, so he gave it away to Jayne to investigate it. The 32 year old paranormal thrill seeker locked the doll inside a glass container and stored it across a video camera. Jayne started recording the puppet every single night for 3 months before it finally started showing any signs of paranormal activity.

On the night of the 13th of July this year the doll tried to break free from its confinement. At 2:05 AM the wooden puppet can be seen moving its wooden cross and banging it against the glass wall of its container. The rest of the puppet remains still, but Jayne’s cameras managed to get a clear video footage of the eerie movements. The paranormal investigator uploaded the video on YouTube where it has already been viewed 3,000 times and people are debating over whether it’s a fake or not.


Jayne states that the video is absolutely genuine. The glass container has been sealed from each side and nobody has been in the same room. It looks as if the haunted puppet is trying to break from its container or as if somebody (a spirit, according to Jayne) is trying to play with the doll. The paranormal investigator has placed EMF sensors near the doll and the investigation is still going on. Jayne claims that when she received the doll, she expected more common signs of supernatural activity – like light orbs or EMF signals, but definitely not an actual movement.

You can watch the eerie video on HD Paranormal Research’s YouTube channel.


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