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Did you know that this is the winner of this years' Eurov….


This year’s Eurovision finals surprised the whole world. The final stage of the annual contest, now in its 59th year, took place in Denmark on the 10th of May 2014 and is the talk of the world’s media right now.


Austria’s very own Thomas Neuwirth, who’s better known by the stage name Conchita Wurst, won over the public with the winning song Rise Like a Phoenix. At first Austrians were against Wurst representing them at the contest and the Anti-Wurst Facebook page gathered more than 31,000 likes very quickly. Wurst’s extraordinary looks have generated some controversial opinions. Nevertheless, Austria stood behind their decision and sent the singer to Eurovision. During the final stage of the contest Rise Like a Phoenix won 290 points and beat the Netherlands and Sweden, who climbed to second and third place with 238 and 218 points.


Up to now, the Eurovision song with most points remains Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale from the 2009 contest with a total of 387 points. Will next year’s winner manage to beat this score?


Written by Patrick Bennet

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