Did you know that this is What happens when you put a McDonald’s cheeseburger in…


Good luck with eating another cheeseburger from McDonald’s after watching this video!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Periodic videos, a popular channel on YouTube created by students at the University of Nottingham, has a number of videos devoted to each element in the periodic table. The crew is doing all sorts of crazy and entertaining experiments. One of older ones from 2010 shows exactly what happens with a McDonald’s cheeseburger if you put it in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Over the period of three and a half hours the fresh cheeseburger half dipped in the acid turns into a disgusting jelly-ish black goo that will undoubtedly make you nauseous at the mere sight of it. The more disgusting part, however, is the fact that the very same thing will happen into your stomach once you devour a cheeseburger, because each person contains hydrochloric acid in their stomach – it’s what digests food into healthy or unhealthy components.


Are you still going to eat dinner tonight? Or a McDonald’s meal ever again?


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