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This kid started lifting weights when he was only 2 and half years old

Bodybuilding has become so popular over the last few decades that it’s no longer a trend just among teenagers and adults. Apparently kids nowadays also practice it.


Giuliano Stroe from Romania is an 9-year-old record-beater. The kid started lifting weights and doing gymnastics when he was only a 2-year-old toddler. He set his first Guinness book record in 2004 when he was recorded doing a hand-walk of 33 feet (10m.) with a weight ball between his legs.

He also set his own record for doing twelve 90 degree push-ups. The tricky part about this kind of push-ups is that you shouldn’t let your feet touch the ground. On February 24, 2010 he beat his own record after he managed to do twenty 90 degree push-ups, recorded live on Romanian TV.

Being only 8 years old and having set two Guinness world records, this kid has a promising future in gymnastics and bodybuilding.

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