Did you know that This man accidentally received $358,000 worth of vouchers from …


Tesco accidentally sent out $358,000 worth of vouchers to one man, who was supposed to receive vouchers for only $3,600.

Image Source: METRO.CO.UK
Image Source: METRO.CO.UK

Mr. Ken Smith received an extra Christmas present this year. And he was conscientious enough to inform Tesco of their mistake.


Smith is a director for a charity organization named Buckingham Emergency Food Appeal. It deals mainly with providing food for those, who are less fortunate. The Cambridgeshire-based man had ordered £2,300 (approximately $3,600 in USD) worth of vouchers from Tesco and he was planning on putting them to good use around the Christmas holidays. Instead of receiving the food vouchers he had ordered, he got a humongous package delivered to his doorstep. Once the man opened it up he discovered it contained Tesco vouchers for £238,000 (nearly $358,000 in USD). As it turned out, Tesco had experienced an “operational mistake” as they later described it and had given Smith much more than he had asked for. Instead of keeping the vouchers to himself and being all shady about the unexpected amount of the delivery, the man immediately phoned the company and informed them about what had happened. Tesco were so grateful to him that they decided they should give him another present after collecting back the extra vouchers – they gave him an additional £250 ($376 in USD) worth of vouchers.

Mr. Smith’s case wasn’t the only one this season. In fact, Tesco informed the public that 5 other customers had received much more vouchers than they had ordered. Fortunately for the company, all of these people informed them of their mistake. Tesco released an official statement joking about how they employees have decided to “provide a little too much festive cheer” before the holidays this year, hence the “operational mistake”.


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