Did you know that This man has tried more than 5,600 types of…


This guy has got to be the biggest pasta fan ever, since he has tried over 5,600 different types of noodles from all over the world!

Image Source: METRO
Image Source: METRO

Meet Toshio Yamamoto – the man, who loves eating noodles more than anybody else on our planet.
Yamamoto spent the last two decades traveling across the globe in a search for the perfect type of noodles. Thus, up to present day the 55 year old man has tasted over 5,600 different types of pasta. The guy has not only traveled through 40 different countries, but he has also written two books on noodles. He has his own YouTube channel dedicated to… you guessed it – noodles!

The 55 year old Japanese man used to work as an electric appliances’ design engineer, but he has quit his day job in order to devote his entire time to his fascination with noodles and to recording his experience in the pasta world. Yamamoto used to have noodles for breakfast every single day of the week, but now he is eating them for breakfast only 5 times a week and is using every spare moment researching more brands of noodles inside and outside of Japan. He has traveled the world chasing the perfect type of instant pasta and he has been blogging, writing and shooting videos related to his favorite type of food. Not only has the man traveled the globe, but out of the 5,657 types of pasta he has tried out, his own personal favorite doesn’t live up to the 5 star review it should be receiving. Thus, the man is still in search for that very special 5 star noodle.


The man is currently writing a third book on instant noodles and he’s still giving reviews to every single type of noodles he can find so that other people can get an insight of what they are missing out (or not).


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