Did you know that This man tried to dig up his own father in order to send him to…


One heavily intoxicated guy tried to dig up his own father’s grave in order to send his late relative to heaven.

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Digging up a deceased person’s grave is considered a crime in many countries, including the US. So, it comes to no surprise that when Michael May tried to dig up an old grave, he got arrested. However, the reasons behind his actions are quite surprising.

The 44 year old May, who is residing in Stanford, Kentucky, was attempting to dig out his late dad Odell. The man’s relative died back in the distant 1978 and May thought it was high time he molested his father’s remains so he could send him to the heavens. A local police officer, Delbert Mitchell, spotted May’s car outside of the church grounds where the remains of Mr. Odell were buried. The cop went to check what was going on and after May refused to oblige his orders to come out of the shadows, the officer stepped into the dark to investigate. He found May digging the grave and immediately arrested him. The reports show that the 44 year old man had been heavily intoxicated and that he wasn’t able to act reasonably. May reportedly told the cops that he thought he was doing good, because his father’s remains should have been placed on the ground and not under it. He also told them that he felt the need to send Mr. Odell to heaven, because he was “seeing the truth”.


When the cops asked May if he was planning on trying to violate the grave again after he gets released, he replied that he would do it again. The guy is facing charges for drug possession, public intoxication and violating a grave.


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