Did you know that this mysterious girl juggled 5 basketballs with her…


Joggling bowling pins, porcelain dishes and even Rubik’s cubes is always a great amazement for one’s eyes. However, when an attractive girl manages to juggle a number of basketballs with her hands and feet in the same time it’s a record breaking talent.

A mysterious redhead girl uploaded a short video of her unbelievable talent on the web and it went viral. The video, entitled “Hootskills”, shows the girl lying on a bench and stretching her legs before balancing two basketballs on each foot. She slowly starts to juggle three other basketballs with her hands before speeding things up and performing a complex series of tricks with her feet and hands. Her adroit moves mesmerize the viewer with their complexity, speed and dexterity.
For about a minute and a half the girl manages to juggle with all five basketballs. At the end of the video she hurls the balls from her hands to her feet in circular motions before finally dropping each ball carefully on the ground and walking away as if the juggling had been a piece of cake for her.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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