Did you know that this mysterious web-like substance is…


2014 has started with strange events and unusual reports from all over the world. First it was UFOs in Europe, then the polar vortex in the US and now an unidentified web-like substance is covering a whole field.

An Internet user uploaded a video to LiveLeak. The video also appeared on YouTube later. While the author and the location of the field are unidentified, the short video footage clearly shows the strange substance. It’s a white spider web-like sheet covering a whole field. At the end of the footage the camera operator tilts the camera so that the flowers and grass can be seen under the mysterious substance. It can also be seen wrapped around a lamp post, but doesn’t appear to spread out of the field’s outlines. While the creator of the video remains in the dark regarding the substance’s origin, the Internet user is sure that there’s no sign of radiation over the field.
Viewers have speculated that the web was created by Wolf spiders or by Ermine Moth caterpillars.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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