Did you know that this thief stole a car with a baby inside and…


An American thief stole a vehicle recently before realizing he was getting much more than he bargained for.

An unnamed couple from St. Petersburg, Florida, parked their truck in front of a local church in order to unload some chairs and tables. While the two were setting up for the upcoming service in the church, an unidentified thief let himself into their vehicle and drove away in it. Little did he know he was actually stealing more than just the car! It turned out the couple’s baby was sitting in its baby seat in the car. The thief realized that he wasn’t alone shortly after the theft took place and immediately returned back to the church’s parking lot. A security camera caught the unidentified man putting the baby in its seat on the porch and running away after knocking on the door.

He then took off with the vehicle again. The family’s car has yet to be found.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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