Did You Know That This Time Justin Bieber Is Really Retiring As He…


The 19-year-old Canadian really ignited all kinds of comments after his public announcement that he was retiring. During an interview at the Los Angeles radio station Power 106 Bieber explained that he was going to retire after the release of his new album. The statement set into despair his fans and there were even rumors that some have threatened to take their lives if Bieber actually retires.


However, it turned out that the whole thing was a joke. Yet, another controversial tweet coming from Bieber set the public into commotion once again. The singer announced that he was officially retiring this time and this was not a joke. In an open letter to the media Bieber explained that he was planning to “take time off next year and really find his sound as an adult which takes patience and creativity”.


Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager and a close friend of his, later added that Bieber would definitely take the focus off his career for a while and spend a lot of time snowboarding, backpacking and working on his charities. He would also be recording in the studio as music is the best therapy for him. So Bieber might not be “officially retiring” after all but one thing is for sure : we will be seeing less of him next year whether we like it or not.


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