Did you know that this woman decided to marry herself, because she failed to…


Some people spend all their lives searching for that special person who they believe is their soulmate and significant other. This woman seems to have found The One – and by the looks of it, The One is her own reflection in the mirror.

Image Source: Yasmin Eleby/ Facebook
Image Source: Yasmin Eleby/ Facebook

Yasmin Eleby, a 40 year old woman from Houston, Texas, spent decades trying to find her perfect partner in life. Unfortunately, she failed. Thus, she made a strange promise to herself a couple of years ago – if she was single at the age of 40, she would marry herself. And so she did. Earlier this January Yasmin put together a fancy ceremony at the HMAAC – the Houston Museum of African American Culture – with family relatives, friends and tons of bridesmaids. The 40 year old married herself in the strange ceremony with the help of one of her sisters, who acted as minister. The bride chose to wear an eye-catching purple gown instead of the traditional white clothing, while her bridesmaids and her mother were dressed in silver attire.
Unfortunately for Yasmin, her marriage to herself isn’t legally recognized in the US. Nevertheless, she’s happy with her choice and claims that she’s been receiving lots of positivity and support from those closest to her.


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