Did you know that this woman diagnosed her own terminal cancer using Google after…


A 23 year old British woman learned the hard way that even experienced doctors can be wrong sometimes.

Image Source: Solent
Image Source: Solent

When Sadie Rance from Kent, UK, started experiencing severe stomach pains, she went to see a doctor. Sadie’s medics diagnosed her with IBS – irritable bowel syndrome. However, when the girl’s pain increased with time, she wasn’t sure about the doctors’ diagnosis and decided to look for the cause herself. She used Google to search for what could be causing her pain, and discovered that she had 8 of a total of 9 symptoms signaling possible ovarian cancer. When her doctors checked her again, they found a huge tumor growing inside her body and diagnosed Sadia with ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, the illness had spread to stage four by the time it was found and she was advised that she had two years left to live, even with chemotherapy.
Since ovarian cancer isn’t common for women her age, doctors often don’t even consider the possibility of a young woman being a sufferer. Sadie and her husband Jason have put up an online fundraiser in order to help more women with the same illness. Sadie and Jason’s fund has already raised more than £35,000 ($53,000 in USD).


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