Did you know that This woman discovered she had won $250,000 from the lottery thanks to…


One woman from Virginia, US, discovered she had won the whopping $250,000 from a local lottery thanks to Apple’s voice command personal assistant Siri.

Image Source: Virginia Lottery/
Image Source: Virginia Lottery/

Veola Thomas, a mother residing in Richmond, Virginia, is making headlines not only for the fact that she won the top prize from the lottery, but also because of the way she discovered she had won.


Thomas bought a scratch off ticket for the Virginia Lottery from a Kroger grocery and decided to scratch it while she was helping her 8 year old boy with his homework. The woman wasn’t sure if she had won anything from the ticket or not, so she did the only thing she could think of – she turned towards Siri for help. Thomas asked the Siri on her iPhone to help her out and so the software forwarded the woman to the lottery’s official website. There the woman eventually found out that her ticket had helped her win the top prize – $250,000. According to official reports, the said lottery’s prizes varied between $5 and $250,000 and Siri helped Thomas discover that she had hit the jackpot with her scratch off ticket.

The woman was contacted by the local media and quoted as claiming that the feeling of winning the prize was felt like “mighty good”. She also shared her plans for spending the money. Thomas said she would use some of it to pay off her bills and that she would also set up a college fund for her boy. The 8 year old probably experienced the most exciting homework in his life time when his mom discovered she had won, but at least now, thanks to Siri, the kid will have a chance to go to college when he grows up.


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