Did you know that This woman has spent $14,000 so that she can look like a …


A 25 year old woman from Colorado, US, has spent nearly $14,000 just so that she could have the looks of a Disney princess. Actually, nine Disney princesses.

Image Source: METRO.CO.UK
Image Source: METRO.CO.UK

Sarah Ingle is a working as a marketing manager in Denver, Colorado, and she has blown tens of thousands of becoming one of the nine princesses of Disney on various occasions.


The woman describes herself and what she does for a living as being “an undercover princess in a marketing world”. So, is she such a humongous fan or is there something else? Well, apart from being a fan, Sarah’s natural looks make her perfect for her line of expertise – she’s petite, she has that Disney wide-eye look, cute facial features, and she can also sing and dance. Thus, the 25 year old woman can often be found at children’s birthday parties and other Disney-themed events hired as an actual princess. Sarah has bought tons of custom made costumes, make-up, contact lenses and wigs so that she can sport the looks of iconic characters like Frozen’s Elsa, Brave’s Merida, Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel, and other Disney royalties. Her costumes have cost her around $14,000, but Sarah doesn’t really mind.

Not only does she love what she’s doing for a living, but she’s also great with children. Her performances as a real life princess have made tons of kids adore her and she admits that playing Elsa is actually one of the most common roles her clients are asking her to take up. Apart from attending birthday parties or other similar get-togethers, Sarah also visits hospitals and entertains sick kids while posing as one of Disney’s lovable characters. And by the looks of her astonishing transformations, all those thousands were worth it!


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