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Nearly 20 years ago a 10 year old girl named Carolyn rebelled against her father’s decision to dye her hair blond. Her father Billy, who’s a hairdresser, wasn’t happy about his 10 year old daughter’s decision, but he told her she kind of looked like a mini Pamela Anderson. And that’s when Carolyn’s whole life changed.

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Nowadays the 29 year old Carolyn is a model residing in Liverpool, UK, and has been dubbed as “the ultimate Liverpool girl”. The woman has spent the last two decades trying to alter her looks so that she would become a Pamela Anderson double. When her father told her that she resembled the actress’ looks, Carolyn became obsessed with Pamela. She even changed her last name to Anderson as a tribute to her idol. Not only that, but she has also spent £20,000 (more than $30,000 in USD) on injections, plastic surgery and fake tanning products. Carolyn even underwent a series of Melanotan II injections, but opted for a healthier way to stay tanned – spray tans and sunbeds.
Her father wanted her to become a lawyer instead of a model, because she was smart and was making her way through school with straight As. However, he has already forgotten about his dream to make his daughter a successful lawyer and he’s currently making sure Carolyn’s blond locks stay blonde and fake tan – permanent.


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