Did you know that This woman is offering more than $500 to the man, who agrees to make her…


This desperate woman is actually offering £350 (more than $500 in USD) to that one single man, who agrees to make her pregnant!

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

A 25 year old woman, who’s sick and tired of immature men, is trying to have a baby. And by the looks of it, she’s so desperate that she’s turned towards the social media for help. The 25 year old Adelina Albu posted a selfie on her Facebook page and advertised her offer – £350 ($517 in USD) for the one man, who impregnates her. Adelina, who’s living in Timisoara, Romania, believes she’s too independent and mature and that she’s ready to raise a baby. She claims that meeting man hasn’t been a problem for her, but she can’t meet the right man, who wants to have a kid with her. Thus, instead of wasting her time and efforts on “useless relationships” and “immature men”, she has decided to just pay for the luxury of getting what she wants. The desperate Adelina claims that it’s a win-win situation for both parties, since she’ll get a baby and the guy will get some fun and some money out of the deal. However, there’s a catch.


Adelina wants the suitable candidate to undergo a fertility test and to sign off all parental rights to her later. These conditions, however, don’t seem to trouble men, who have seen the woman’s offer. Some of them are saying they’ll do it without wanting any money, while others make such comments that they leave the woman simply “unimpressed” to say the least. By the looks of it, the 25 year old woman won’t get her baby soon, since she claims men aren’t really taking her offer seriously.


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