Did you know that This woman is suing the city of Baltimore after her toilet …


A woman residing in Baltimore, Maryland, US, is suing the city after her toilet exploded in a nasty accident and left her covered in feces.

Image Source: Screenshot: WBFF-TV
Image Source: Screenshot: WBFF-TV

The woman in question, Angela Wright, has filed a lawsuit against city officials and two contractors – Heitkamp and Spinello. The city council and Baltimore’s mayor are also subjects of the lawsuit, which according to the woman’s lawyer, should seek as much as $250,000 for damages.

One of the contracting companies, Spinello, was on top of cleaning the sewers in Angela Wright’s neighborhood. The company’s employees used high-pressure hoses and the effects were quite nasty. According to the woman’s lawsuit, she was sitting on her toilet when it backfired, exploded and covered not only her, but also the entire toilet in human feces and other disgusting stuff that came from the city’s sewers. Angela was left covered in the unpleasant contents to clean everything by herself. The woman stated that the damages the explosion caused are about $14,000, but her lawyer claims she should ask for $250,000.


The woman shared that when she showed the Spinello employees what had happened the men were shocked by the results of their actions. She also said that apart from suffering a great emotional injury she also suffered physical injuries as well and her toilet was fully destroyed. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time this has happened. According to Angela and her lawyer, the woman’s toilet underwent a similar incident back in 2014, but fortunately, she wasn’t present in the room when it occurred.

The lawyer blames everything on the Baltimore City Council, Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and the two contracting companies – Spinello and Heitkamp. He claims his client is entitled to full compensation for the emotional and physical traumas caused by the toilet explosion.


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