Did you know that This woman set up a kissing booth in her…


An elderly woman decided to set up a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day in her own front yard in Virginia, US.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Stephanie Loving has always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. Ever since she was a kid it was her favorite holiday of all. Nowadays the elderly woman and her family are celebrating the holiday by decorating their home – both inside and out. And this year Stephanie, whose last name couldn’t be more suitable, has set up an actual kissing booth in their yard!


That’s right – the Loving family put a big kissing booth in the front yard and offered kisses to neighbors and strangers. The woman said that some of them stop not only for a kiss, but also to give a small donation – most of the booth’s visitors leave nickel coins, but their gestures count.
The woman and her family are residing in Glen Allen, Virginia, US, and they have been decorating their home with various Valentine’s Day ornaments, such as huge light-up hearts. Stephanie claims that she starts the preparations as soon as the Christmas holidays are over, because Valentine’s Day is her favorite time of the year. The woman shared that she has been in love with the love-themed holiday ever since her childhood years when she would be eager to see if some of her classmates have left her Valentine cards in the paper bags they used to craft in school around the 14th of February each year. The kissing booth in her front yard has been operated by all the members of the Loving family, including Stephanie herself.

The elderly woman’s incredibly sweet kissing booth story was picked up by the local media and now it’s making headlines in various big news agencies from all over the world!


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