Did you know that This woman sold all her stuff to marry a man she met online only to find


A lovelorn woman sold all of her personal belongings so that she could marry some man she met online and then found out that he was actually cheating on her with other women on the web and in real life.

Image Source: METRO
Image Source: METRO

About a year ago Evangelina Tsadiosou, a 38 year old woman residing in the UK, accepted a friend request from a Canadian man named Darryl Fancey on Facebook. The two of them started talking on regular basis and eventually fell in love – or at least that’s what Evangelina thought. Over the course of the following months they kept talking, texting and e-mail each other daily and Darryl proposed to her online even though the two of them never met in person and they didn’t even have a video chat. Evangelina believed that the man really wanted to start a life with her, so she decided to move to Canada and live with him. In a desperate attempt to raise enough money to get a plane ticket and to move the woman sold all of her stuff and even her own house just so she could leave everything behind.


As it turned out, other women started writing her and telling her that Darryl was lying to her and that he was cheating on her with them both online and in real life. The man denied all of it and Evangelina believed him. After she sold everything and waited for the day when they’ll get married Darryl started lying to her before he eventually told her he didn’t want her. When the woman contacted the media the man started claiming that these were only rumors and that he didn’t know, they were never engaged and he was never going to marry anyone named Evangelina. Now the heartbroken woman is using the money she got out of selling everything to move to Nashville and to follow her dreams of becoming a singer and moving on from Darryl and his lies.


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