Did you know that This woman spent $57,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like her…


A British mother spent £40,000 (around $57,000 in USD) on various cosmetic surgery procedures in order to look like her own daughter. And her daughter wasn’t happy about it!

Image Source: METRO.CO.UK
Image Source: METRO.CO.UK

People usually spend tons of money on altering their looks when they aim to start looking like their celebrity idols. This particular woman, however, chose to copy the appearances of her own flesh and blood instead of the ones of some celeb icon.

Janet Horrocks, a 57 year old woman from Burnley, Lancashire, UK, is making headlines for her outrageous deeds – spending tens of thousands in the past few years in attempts to look not only younger, but also more like her daughter Jane. Jane is currently 35 years old and for the past decade and a half Janet has blown nearly $57,000 on a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. The 57 year old British woman has undergone some serious surgeries like breast enlargement procedures, eye lifts, nose jobs, and so on. Some of her other procedures include veneers, permanent eyebrow tattoos, hair extensions, and so on. On top of it all, the woman even takes after the same dog breed for a pet as her daughter’s one.


However, the woman’s daughter wasn’t so impressed that her mother started looking more and more like her after each surgery. The 35 year old Jane claims that she felt like it wasn’t fair for her mom’s aging to be reversed in such ways and that she felt as though some day her mom will look younger than she is. Jane claims that she feels like her “youth had been taken away” by her mom’s cosmetic procedures and on-going will to look like her. She hated it so much that she even stopped going out with her own mother, because people started mistaking her and her 57 year old mom for sisters!


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