Did you know that This woman won $3 million from the lottery and left the most …


A NYC based woman won $3 million from the lottery and then decided to quit her job by leaving the most disgusting present ever on her boss’ desk.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The woman in question did the number two on the most inappropriate of all places – and was caught by the person whom she was actually trying to affect with the entire deed.

The name of the woman in question remains undisclosed, but it was reported that she had won a grand prize from the lottery – a whopping $3 million. However, instead of getting in the news for the happy outcome the unnamed female started making headlines shortly after her win for all the wrong reasons. She found out about the win on a Friday and she thought that it was the best reason to quit the job she loathed doing. She hated her manager, whom she described as a bully, so in order to rub it in his face she gave a truly disgusting notice – she defecated on his desk. The woman didn’t use the toilet for the entire weekend and when she went to work on Monday she left the nasty present on her boss’ desk. Unfortunately for her, he caught her doing it and he immediately called authorities.


As a result of the disgusting deed the woman was arrested and taken into custody that very same day. When she was questioned about it, she stated that it was the perfect place to do her business, because she has been putting up with her boss for a long time and she thought it was about time to turn the tide even if it meant literally dumping the number two on his desk. Unsurprisingly, she ended up in the headlines – as did her outrageous deeds and her mug shot.


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