Did you know that This woman’s favorite college teacher turned out to be her…


A New York based woman got the shock of her life when she realized that her favorite teacher from college was actually her own biological sister!

Image Source: UPI.COM
Image Source: UPI.COM

Diane DiProspero Cook first met her biological older sister, Karen Cometa-Zempel, when she attended the Bryant and Stratton College back in the 1980s, but at that time she had no idea about their biological ties. Regardless, Diane immediately took a liking to Karen and remembers that she used to be her favorite teacher at the college. Nearly 30 decades later she found out that her teacher was indeed her own flesh and blood!


Both women were adopted as kids and when they looked up their biological history and sought some family records, they discovered the truth. Diane claims that as soon as she learned the truth about her older sister she knew that the two women would kick it off because of their similar bubbly personalities. Strangely enough, this is exactly what happened.

After the two women reconnected once again decades after parting their ways after their time at college, they realized that they had many things in common. Apart from the fact that they had similar personality traits, both of them were raised up in New York, they both went to Roman Catholic Schools and they were both raised by Italian adoptive families after their biological mother gave them up for adoption. Diane claims that the fact that her favorite teacher turned out to be much closer to her than she expected was something that inspired her to want to reach out to other adopted kids and advise them to look up their biological history, because they might end up in a similar situation with a surprising happy ending for both parties!


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