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Did you know that three goats got arrested for damaging …


Freaky arrests take place all over the world. However, in this case the Indian authorities’ weird arrest got countless people laughing with tears after the news broke out.


Earlier this year 3 goats were accused of vandalism and causing damage to a police car. According to 37 year old Mary Arogynathan, 12 bleating animals were vandalizing a brand new police vehicle. Allegedly the goats damaged the windows, the bonnet, the body and the wipers, as well as scratching the paint of the vehicle. Reportedly, the goats were caged after the car’s owner got fed up with them.


However, when the police arrived at the crime scene, they found only 3 goats. The authorities filed a complaint against Arogynathan and the animals were released to SPCA – the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Next time police officers will think twice before parking their vehicles near goat’s grazing grounds.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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