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Did You Know That To Burn Off A Big Mac Combo Meal From McDonald's, You'd ….


Most people would agree that there are few things that taste better than a McDonald’s Big Mac combo meal. The delicious French fries combined with the tasty Big Mac burger followed by a milkshake probably won’t cause you any weight problems if consumed every once in a while. However, in order to stay in shape after such fast food feast, you would also need to push yourself to the limit and walk off those extra calories after every single meal.

A few years ago nutritionists based in the UK conducted a thorough research regarding exactly how much time you need to walk, in order to burn off the calories from a single Big Mac combo meal. The result was staggering. If you want to pay for your meal with exercise, you would need to walk no less than 6 hours straight or cover the distance of 9.5 miles.

A single Big Mac lunch contains more than 1,400 calories while a person’s average daily intake should be no more than 2,000 calories. The nutritionists even calculated that you need to walk 2.5 miles just to burn off the extra calories from the McDonald’s salad which has fatty dressings that are more caloric even than the tasty burgers themselves. It’s no secret that the fast food joints are consciously tricking people into consuming as many calories as possible.


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