Did You Know That Tom Cruise, Hollywood's Most Famous Scientologist, Once Aspired To Be A …


Tom Cruise is definitely one of the most highly-regarded actors in Hollywood nowadays. The famous actor began his stardom career with the movie “Risky Business” in 1983 but before then he had a bumpy ride while growing up. He was originally born in Syracuse, New York in 1962 but grew up in various different places throughout the US and Canada due to his parents moving around a lot.


Tom Cruise is probably one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to religion. Before he dedicated himself to Scientology, the actor attended a Catholic seminary in his teenage years and was preparing himself to become a priest.

Cruise, more known as Tommy Mapother back then, was a mediocre student who also suffered from dyslexia. Enrolling in a strict Catholic school was not an easy decision but some of the priests there helped Tom overcome his dyslexia.


Unfortunately, Tom’s rebellious spirit that earned him his glory in his famous action movies also earned him the expulsion from the Catholic seminary in Cincinnati. The soon-to-be actor was caught stealing alcohol from the monks as well as smoking cigarettes all the time.

All in all, that misstep of his in his school years enabled him to find his true passion and talents and pursue a career in acting.


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