Did you know that toys which can cause canser were seized from….


Toys make insane money during the Christmas season since every kid’s dream around the holidays is to swim in a sea of toys. Thus, you probably can’t imagine the trouble health inspectors had two years ago when they found out that a brand of toys is causing cancer.


The unnamed brand was producing various dolls with fruit heads. The dolls’ heads resembled blackberry, pineapple, apple and strawberry and came in different colors, so they looked very appealing to children everywhere. Unfortunately, the toys contained a chemical, which is said to cause cancer, infertility with men and deformity in embryos. These toys caused huge problems for health inspectors in the UK and the Kent police. They were banned in European shelves two years ago.


Unfortunately, the toys were spotted earlier this year once again. They were confiscated from a store in Gillingham. The police stated that there’s a £5,000 fine for any traders who are about to buy such toys. The penalty may also include up to 6 months behind bars.


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