Did You Know That TV Character Dr. House Helped Save A Patient In Real Life By….


If you are unlucky enough to be suffering from an extremely rare medical condition, you’d be more than happy if your doctors are watching just the right television shows about medicine. This was the unconventional lesson a German patient learned recently.

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The German patient was suffering from a life threatening medical condition for months. His symptoms included temporary blindness, deafness, strong fever, swollen lymph nodes and a rapidly failing heart. The patient could not be properly diagnosed in months. He would have probably died withing weeks but luckily for him Dr. Juergen Schaefer came to the rescue. Apparently, the German doctor became famous for his affinity towards the US TV medical drama “House M.D.”. The real-life diagnostician watched an episode from the last season of the TV show in which a patient was suffering from cobalt poisoning due to a faulty artificial hip replacement.


After watching the episode Dr. Schaefer had an “A-HA” moment just like the fictional Dr. Gregory House. The very next day he was able to pinpoint the exact diagnosis and performed a hip replacement surgery. The symptoms of his patient started to disappear almost immediately after the surgery, thus saving his life. Dr. Schaefer who uses the TV show to teach his students in Marburg, Germany afterwards received the nickname “The real Dr. House”.


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