Did You Know That Twin Sisters Spent $97,000 On Plastic Surgeries Just To….


Even tough twins look the same, they typically have some characteristics and features that make them slightly different so it is usually possible to tell them apart. Most twins are happy about this because other people can learn to distinguish them from one another.


However, there are twins who really want to be exactly the same. For example, twin sisters from the United Kingdom have even invested money and undergone surgical procedures in order to eliminate all minor differences they have.


The 34-year-old sisters have paid for eye-lifts, Botox, breast enlargements, nose surgery and permanent tattoos. The first procedure they have undergone was rhinoplasty (a nose job) when they were 21 years old. Then they started using Botox to keep wrinkles at bay and have continued on with other surgical interventions.

The women have paid a total of $97,000 for their operations. All procedures have been done simultaneously and have been performed by the same doctors and surgeons. The main aim of all this is for the sisters to be completely identical.


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