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Did You Know That Two Brooklyn Guys Are Suing NYPD Cops For Taking Their White Castle Sliders And…


It was recently reported that two guys from Brooklyn, New York are currently taking their White Castle hamburger obsessions to court. Danny Maisonet and Kenneth Glove got into a serious predicament with two NYPD police officers over a bag of fresh white castle sliders and some french fries.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The incident happened during Halloween in 2012. Both men were allegedly simply walking on the street when the NYPD cops pulled them over and demanded their bag of White Castle sliders. When the men refused to hand over their dinner to the cops they were allegedly beaten up and immediately arrested. To put insult to injury the cops also took their delicious sliders and ate them.


It turns out that both men unintentionally walked into the middle of a crime scene which the police was investigating. They were rounded up with other suspects that allegedly robbed a supermarket nearby. Arresting someone over a bag of burgers seems unrealistic, but the White Castle cravings are known to bring up savagery in anyone.


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