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Did you know that two Canadians set their car on fire in order to keep…


Apparently people all over the world can get creative on necessity. However, in this case two Canadian men should be labelled with a far less flattering adjective than “creative”.


A report by Calgary Sun states that two unnamed men recently got stuck in a ditch on a road in Alberta, Canada. According to the report, there were no signs of civilization near the men and they soon became desperate. Since they couldn’t get the car out of the ditch and couldn’t find their way back, they decided to get crafty. In order to keep warm, they tore out the car’s seats and set them on fire. However, their plan to destroy their Honda didn’t do them any good, because the fire soon burnt out. So the men decided to set on fire the rest of the car and their personal belongings.


Allegedly, in the morning the two realized there was a house near them. That’s where the police found them and they were taken to a hospital for frostbite minor burns.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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