Did You Know That Two English Students Are Renting Out Their Faces To….


Nowadays you can rent out practically anything for advertising purposes. There is also this growing trend of renting someone else’s body parts. Renting the backside of someone and stamping it with your company logo by actually tattooing it is more common than anyone would dare to think. There is even a company that motivates its employees to tattoo themselves with the company’s logo just for the sake of a payment increase.


Two young college students from the UK also got inspired by this trend. Unlike others, they decided not to ink themselves permanently but use paint instead. The 22-year-olds Ed Moyse and Ross Harper created a website called and their motto is “Face It”. They rent out their faces on a daily basis, paint themselves and create cool advertising campaigns for their website. They do all of this in order to raise enough cash to pay for their university loans. So far they have already raised more than $47,000 and their goal is $80,000.


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