Did You Know That Two Men Tried To Pass Off As iPads A Box Filled With….


Nearly 2 years ago two British conmen were apprehended by the police authorities after their universally foolish plan to trick the system failed miserably. The English mastermind con artist Nathan Meunch, 29 and his buddy Nigel Bennett, 39 decided that it was a great idea to stuff a box with ice cubes.

Then they took that very same box with only the ice inside and attempted to ship it to somewhere using the services of the Wellington Post Office. Meunch and Bennett told the employees there that the box contained $4,000 worth of brand new iPads. Their intention was to file a fake afterwards document and claim insurance.

Image Source: Getty
Image Source: Getty

However, the post clerk behind the counter became suspicious when she noticed there was no return address on the box. Meunch then panicked and dropped the already leaking box on the ground. The clerk asked him why he was all wet and Meunch reportedly answered that it was raining. But after a quick peek outside the window the clerk found out that it wasn’t raining at all.


Regardless of the odd situation the post office did ship out the melting box. A couple of days later though when the two “smart” conmen filed the bogus insurance claim for $4,000 they were arrested, charged and found guilty. They received a $800 penalty each and more than year of community service.


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