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Did you know that two people spent a month in jail because police officers mistook their…


By the looks of recent reports, it’s become dangerous to carry home-made soap with you, because police officers in Pennsylvania need just two bars of soap to throw you behind steel bars for a month.


26 year old Annadel Cruz was driving 30 year old Alexander Bernstein in a Mercedes car when police officers pulled them over. According to Bernstein’s lawyer’s words, the driving speed was over the limit and the car had an out-of-state plate. Since Bernstein had been using some illegal substances, Cruz was driving the car. After the man admitted about being under the influence of drugs, the officers searched the car and found two bars of home-made soap. Bernstein and Cruz explained the findings were only soap, but apparently the police’s field test came out positive.
Cruz and Bernstein were released from an unnamed prison in Pennsylvania in December. There is still no word from the police on the case.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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