Did You Know That Two Thieves Got Arrested After Posing With Stolen Vehicles On…..


It’s safe to say that Jonathan Dougan and Matthew Murphy, aged 26 and 23 respectively, are not the smartest thieves. The two felons managed to commit as many as 14 thefts in the course of 6 months in the Greater Manchester area, United Kingdom. The valuable goods stolen by Murphy and Dougan included several expensive vehicles such as a Mercedes and a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

However, the thieves might have been good at stealing but they were not so good at keeping it under the covers. Reportedly, Dougan and Murphy posted more than 50 photos on Facebook posing with their loot. One of the victims accidently saw the photos online and alerted the police which resulted in the two culprits’ arrest. The policemen also discovered photos of other stolen items on Dougan and Murphy’s cell phones. As the two men were already on parole for a previous robbery, they were detained immediately. Both Dougan and Murphy were sentenced to 9 year and 4 months in jail.


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