Did you know that two twin sisters have been wearing matching outfits every day for the last…


Rosey Coles and Kathy Heffernan are two identical twin sisters born in the early 1950s. Their parents didn’t dress them in matching outfits when the girls were young, but they started dressing alike when they became teenagers.

The habit ceased for a while once they got married. However, Kathy and Rosey became single in the very same year, so they moved next door to each other and started dressing alike just like when they were in high school. Nowadays the two women share the very same street address and spend nearly $250 on clothes each month. They dress alike when they go out, when they stay in and even when they go to bed.
The twins admit that they have experienced some negativity towards the fact that two fully grown women childishly dress like twin teen sisters, but according to them, 99% of the time other people don’t have anything against their choice of style and dressing habits.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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