Did you know that two weeks after being rescued this dog saved the lives….


A cute little puppy saved the day shortly after his new owners adopted him.

Tim and Jill McLarty adopted a three months old mongrel named Hunter from a rescue shelter in Michigan. Just two weeks after the adoption Mrs. McLarty forgot to switch off the gas hob in the kitchen. At some point during the night the flame burned out and the gas started slowly leaking. That’s when Hunter started barking and wailing. Jill thought the puppy wanted to go out, so she opened the door for him, but he continued acting alarming. She realized something was off when Hunter started circling the kitchen while still barking. When Jill opened the kitchen and smelled the leaking gas she realized what was wrong. Fortunately, nobody got hurt during the incident. Furthermore, it even made the McLarty family love Hunter even more.

According to them, Hunter saved their lives. Mr. McLarty told the media he and his wife nearly adopted another dog – Hunter’s sibling – but that the two of them will never regret their decision after the gas leak accident.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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