Two Years After Her Passing Away A Woman Sent Her Family A Wonderful Christmas Gift


Christmas is one of the greatest family times of the year but at the same time it can be extremely difficult for those who have lost a special someone in their life. However, a real Christmas miracle happened to the family of David Shmitz from Iowa who lost his wife Brenda two years ago due to cancer. The sad husband is still dealing with the great loss he and his sons had to go through but their beloved wife and mother had found a way to show them she is still with them in a way.

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Brenda was a fan of the ‘Christmas Wish’ program of a local radio station. Just days before she passed away she wrote a letter to Star 102.5 FM and instructed a friend of hers to send it to the station when the time came. In her letter dated August 2011 Brenda gave her blessing to her beloved husband and children and the new woman in David’s life. Brenda expressed her wish that David would find someone to share his life with after she was no longer with him and that she would love their boys and help raise them. The deceased mother also assured his husband and his new wife that “they could talk to her and they would be heard”.

Written by Sylvia

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