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Did You Know That Until He Was 18 Woody Allen Read Virtually Nothing But Comic Books And Sold…


Allan Stewart Konigsberg, more famous as Woody Allen was born in Brooklyn, NYC in 1935. His parents are from an Ashkenazi Jewish origin and his grandparents were immigrants from Russia and Austria. He has a sister Letty who was born in 1943.

Allen had a bad childhood growing up in the Lower East Side Manhattan. His parents did not get along very well and Woody suffered a lot as a young boy. He used to speak German quite well while he was still a child. This was the reason he got picked on quite a lot, especially when he attended interfaith camps during the summer where he got badly beaten up by students from all races and creeds.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Despite his tough childhood, the star screenwriter and director had many talents that served him well. Allen had a greater interest for baseball rather than school. He had strong arms that made him a very good baseball team player throughout his school years. He used to do magic tricks and various stand up shows for his fellow students. Eventually, at age 18 Allen began writing jokes in order to raise money to support himself and his family. He even had an agent called David O. Alber who used to sell his jokes to newspaper gossip columnists and was paid ten cents per one-liner.


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