Did You Know That US Women Today Are Dying Younger Than…


Statistics from different studies are showing shocking results : American women are dying at a younger age than the previous generations. Technology and medical care have evolved immensely during the last decade but that doesn’t mean that unnatural death cases have decreased or that life expectancy has increased.


The reason behind the shorter lifespan of US women in comparison to their mothers is yet unknown. Researchers have found out that this phenomenon is occurring only in particular parts of the US. Thus, they suppose the reasons could be cultural or socioeconomic.
Some researchers point out the education factor and the fact that 48 million people lack health care. A study in the journal Health Affairs shows that the lifespan expectancy of women who have dropped out of high-school has decreased dramatically in the past two decades. These women are expected to die at a younger age than the previous generation mainly because of lack of health care.


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