Did you know that USPS lost $180k on an office that never…


The US Postal Service has lost thousands of dollars on an office that never actually opened. And if that isn’t bad enough, the USPS are still investing their money in the project.


It all started in the not so distant 2008 when the USPS invested $31,000 for a postal office in South Abington Township. Unfortunately a series of misfortunate details prevented the building from being occupied, including traffic problems and drainage issues. Ever since summer 2008 the USPS have been paying $31,000 a year for the project. Up until now their expenses have been summed up to nearly $180,000 on the building in question alone. Furthermore, several traffic issues have ruined the plan as well. For starters, the USPS is still trying to find a way to build a proper driveway and even an additional widening of an existing nearby road. Two official development plans have been introduced, but up until now the place is still under construction.


The USPS is hoping to continue the construction this year, but no final decision has been made yet.


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