Did You Know That Walgreens Purposely Hires People With Disabilities To …


Walgreens is an acclaimed drug retailing chain in the US which has more than 8, 000 stores all around the country. In 2012 they developed a program about hiring employees with disabilities which has granted the company a huge positive reflection.

Walgreens has set a new training facility for disabled people, including people with autism, in order to train them on becoming more confident about working with other employees without disabilities in a respectable working environment. The company’s policy on disabled employees states that they will be they will be treated equally and paid the same as any other employee. South Carolina’s Walgreens major distribution center is working with disabled employees which have been estimated to be around 42% of all the staff at the center. Furthermore, many other companies, such as Proctor & Gamble and the German software company SAP are taking Walgreens’ example and hiring people with developmental and physical disabilities including autism.
Looks like Walgreens is giving everybody a fair chance!


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