Did you know that Watches are set at the same time for advertising, because…


Watch manufacturers have a seemingly unnoticeable marketing trick up their sleeves and they are using it with almost every single product. So, what is this fascinating trick really? It’s simple – they always set their watches at an exact same time.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR


You have probably never paid any detail to what time watches are set on when you’re browsing through them at a store or when you’re looking to buy one on the Internet. However, it’s been proven that most of the best-selling brands always photograph their products as they are showing a specific time – 10:10.
How can setting the clock’s hands at 10 and 2 help the company have more sales? It’s so obvious that we can’t really see it! The manufacturer’s logo is usually placed in the center of the upper half of the clock’s face. So when the hands are showing 10:10 they are basically creating a clean and symmetrical frame around the logo. Thus, the entire structure is bringing the potential buyer’s attention to that specific area of the clock’s face and the name of the brand. As a result, this specific time brings more sales than setting a different one. If you look at two pictures of clocks – one set at 10:10 and the other one set at another time – you’ll see that the second one looks strange and not as specific, ideal and simply natural as the first clock.

Of course, not all companies set their clocks at that exact same time. Even some of the biggest and most successful brands have experimented with other digits, but they all claim that the 10:10 time is their biggest winner and brings them a more successful marketing campaign that the ones, with which they are experimenting with different time.


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