Did you know that Weddings at McDonald's are all the rage for…


More and more Chinese people living in Hong Kong are turning towards the McDonald’s chain when it comes to choosing a venue for their wedding receptions.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

As crazy as it sounds, few years ago 3 McDonald’s restaurants started advertising their wedding services. Today, the fast food chain branches that offer such services are up to 15. Hong Kong’s residents don’t choose to hold their wedding receptions at McDonald’s only because they can spend less on their big day, but because they feel sentimental towards the fast food giant. Birthday parties, first dates and now even wedding receptions are apparently best held there. The chain is offering several wedding packages to those crazy enough to go for this odd option. The cheapest one is called Happiness Party and it costs $372. It includes food for 20 guests and some basic party decorations. The most expensive package is called Love Forever Party and you can get it for $1,290. The latter one includes full decorations, two-hour long party, presents, invites for 50 guests, a bridal bouquet and much more.
Talk about a crazy wedding!


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