Did you know that Weight lifting record has been broken by Eddie Hall While and Arnold Schwarzenegger…


This was not an easy task to accomplish. But, with a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering him on, a strongman named Eddie Hall broke a world record by lifting an enormous 426 kilograms.
It started with Eddie Hall spending a few seconds psyching himself up getting prepared for this major attempt at breaking the world record. The 27 year old beast showed an amazing display of strength by lifting 1,000 pounds in the air to break the record and earn a very very well deserved high five from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Eddie Hall said “I had Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering me and he gave me a high five to congratulate me after the event-even though I left him hanging at first, oops!”

Former bodybuilder turned A-list actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was highly impressed with the ginormous accomplishment made by Eddie. Schwarzenegger said “I used to powerlift and my record was 710 pounds, so I know how much this is. I can’t even believe humanly possible. I am so lucky and fortunate that the record was set right here.”


That really does put it into perspective. Five adult male orangutans would look pretty funny being carried around. That is a huge amount of weight for one human being to lift. If Arnold wasn’t there to prove it to be true, I don’t know if I could actually believe it. Congratulations to the record breaker, what an awesome accomplishment.


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