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Did You Know That Weight Loss Surgery Can Reduce Cancer Risk In…


The fact that weight gain increases the chances a person gets cancer  is wide known. Nowadays researches show that weight loss surgeries can reduce those chances. However, this rule applies only to women, not men.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

A Swedish study examined over 2,000 patients who had underwent a surgery in order to lose excess weight. The researchers found that female patients were 42% less likely to develop cancer but there was no change in the incidence of cancer among male patients. According to Dr. Andrew Renehan from the University of Manchester’s School of Cancer, the key lies within the female oestrogen hormone. Since the most common types of cancer among women are post-menopausal breast and endometrial ones, the weight loss surgery might be the trick in reducing the risk of developing those types of cancer.
On the other hand, obesity among men also increases the risk of cancer. However, colon, rectal and kidney cancer are more common among the male population. Since all those can be avoided by nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise, weight loss surgery would take too long in order to significantly affect the risk of cancer among men.


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