Did you know that Wentworth Miller admitted that he was depressed and about to commit…


Wentworth Miller just revealed that he was severely depressed and admitted he was even suicidal!

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The 43 year old UK-born actor gained worldwide prominence back in 2005 with his role of Michael Scofield in Fox’s crime drama Prison Break. Five years and four seasons later Miller had already concluded the show, he was in between jobs and he was severely depressed to the point of thinking about committing a suicide.

The actor opened up about this dark period of time using his Facebook page after he came across a meme on the social media. The meme was a plain collage of two images – one showing Miller’s slim and tattooed shirtless torso from 2005 and another one of him casually walking down the street in 2010. The second photograph was taken by some paparazzi and shows Miller in baggy clothes, some extra pounds and a messy hairstyle. The caption above the meme read “When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s monopoly”. Miller got so touched by the unflattering meme that he decided to speak openly about the time when the second photograph was taken.


Wentworth stated that in 2010 he was in between jobs, he was depressed all the time and had hit rock bottom many times while thinking about ending his own life. Fortunately, the actor managed to overcome his suicidal thoughts and rise up again. Miller’s revealing Facebook post also states that he doesn’t see a scruffy, unsuccessful and fat guy on the second picture, nor a hurtful meme, even though he admitted it did hurt at the beginning. Instead, he claims he’s seeing “strength, healing and forgiveness”. The 43 year old actor also stated that regardless of the negativity, the inner struggles and the depression, he persists to strive just “like a dandelion up through the pavement”.


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